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James Puopolo – Modern Martial Artist

James Puopolo returns to OpenMatRadio! James is an American grappling standout representing Ribiero/Lovato. In this interview we discuss James’ transition from full time school teacher to professional jiu jitsu competitor. James explains how he found... Read More

Tom DeBlass on ADCC, MMA and much more!

We are happy to welcome back long time friend and fan favorite guest, Tom DeBlass back to the show. This time around we check in on the status of Tom’s MMA career, his match with... Read More
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Dominyka “Double Gold” Obelenyte

Once again Dominyka has made history by becoming double gold champion in the Women’s Blackbelt division of the IBJJF. How many people outside of Brazil can claim such accolades at such a young age? Aside... Read More