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Riccardo Ammendolia Jiu Jitsu Pioneer

Riccardo Ammendolia returns to OMR and things get interesting. This time we delve into his jiu jitsu journey on and off the mats. Riccardo discuses his training history including his time on the mats with the greats like Terere, Leo Viera, Comprido, Jacare and the Mendes Brothers. We discuss some big things happening at Atos, Gui

Kenny Savercool Training, Traveling and Giving Back

We welcome Kenny Savercool to this weeks episode of OMR. Kenny has trained with Ryan Hall since the inception of Fifty50. We discuss what it’s like training with Ryan, how Ryan’s game changed since focusing on MMA and what might surprise people about training at Fifty50. We also discuss Kenny’s training and competition in both

Sambo Steve Koepfer on World Combat Wrestling Championship and an Intro to Sambo

“Sambo” Stephen Koepfer joins the show to breakdown the inaugural World Combat Wrestling Championships that were just held in Bulgaria. Steve is the President of the American Sambo Association, head coach of New York Combat Sambo and a producer on “Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story”. For more on Girl Fight check out including where

James Puopolo – Modern Martial Artist

James Puopolo returns to OpenMatRadio! James is an American grappling standout representing Ribiero/Lovato. In this interview we discuss James’ transition from full time school teacher to professional jiu jitsu competitor. James explains how he found the balance between work, home and competition. We discuss various educational and learning strategies borrowed from an eclectic range of

Dominyka “Double Gold” Obelenyte

Once again Dominyka has made history by becoming double gold champion in the Women’s Blackbelt division of the IBJJF. How many people outside of Brazil can claim such accolades at such a young age? Aside from crushing double gold this year she also has the distinction of being Marcelo Garcia’s first female blackbelt, at under

Marshal Carper Jiu Jitsu Renaissance Man

Marshal Carper is today’s jiu jitsu renaissance man. He is a highly respected author of jiu jitsu instructional books such as, Marcelo Garcia’s Advanced Jiu Jitsu, his fantastic autobiography The Cauliflower Chronicles: A Grappler’s Tale of Self-Discovery and Island Living, and even a new video game (Super Dojo Storm). Marshal is an accomplished entrepreneur with

Pete The Greek Letsos returns to Open Mat Radio!

This week we are excited to bring you another history lesson from fan favorite guest, Pete The Greek Letsos! PTG was training with the best in the world when others hadn’t even heard of jiu jitsu. Find out what it’s like to roll with Carlos Gracie Jr, survive the brutal training from Osvaldo Alves, have

Mike Fowler Returns to Open Mat Radio

This week we welcome back Mike Fowler! We discuss Mike’s upcoming match against the legendary Eduardo Telles at Polaris Pro. Mike also takes us through his pilgrimage through over 100 Japanese temples, on foot! We learn what Mike gained from this over forty day journey, the dangers involved and some of the folks that met