On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we have  “In The American Psycho We Trust” with Stephan Bonnar!


“The biggest honor I could have is when I hear from people that they watched my fight and it inspired them. It inspired them to make their lives better.”

“He (Carlson) is gonna be there, you know. He IS Copacabana and the fight is in Rio and I feel like, yeah, he’ll be watching over me for that fight!”

“I’m just a skinny white kid from Indiana going to Brazil to fight the best. There’s no pressure on me!”

“No one’s giving me a chance in this fight and I couldn’t be happier!”

  • Stephan relives his experience on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter
  • He opens up about the times he fought injured throughout his career
  • Hear where Stephan’s drive to fight comes from
  • Stephan talks about the toughest fights of his career
  • Learn Stephan’s weight cutting routine and hear about the time he lost 17 pounds in under three hours
  • Stephan takes us inside his training camp for his fight against Anderson Silva
  • He talks about his Punch Buddies t-shirts and his future after fighting

Also in this episode, we breakdown the upcoming Metamoris Pro event and give our picks!

For information on Stephan Bonnar, visit StephanBonnar.com. For more information on Punch Buddies clothing, visit PunchBuddies.com.

Mat Radio, we have ”In The American Psycho We Trust” with Stephan Bonnar! For more details on this episode, click the

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