On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we have Volume 1 of “The Yamato Damashii Chronicles” with Enson Inoue.

“Through the years as I looked into it (Yamato Damashii), it came from being a cool Kanji, to a cool word, a cool name to be called by, to a way of life.”

“You can’t be focused on the negative aspects of defeat, you’ve gotta focus on the rewards to success!”

“Back in the day when I fought, there was no TV, there was no money, there was no fame. It was all about honor you know, so I fought the way I fought because that’s all I could fight for is my honor.”

  • Enson explains the origin and meaning of Yamato Damashii
  • How does one “exhaust the body, proceed the mind and cultivate the spirit”?
  • What interesting tactic did Enson’s father use to force Enson to stand up for himself against bullies?
  • What led to a near brawl against Relson, Ryan and other Gracies and find out where the Machado’s stood during the fight
  • How did Enson go from a racquetball player to MMA legend
  • Enson gives his thoughts on today’s MMA and why he might have fought differently in this era than his
  • Learn why helping those in need has become addicting for Enson, despite having putting himself at risk

In Volume Two, we discuss Enson’s time in Japanese prison, his pilgrimage through temples, yakuza culture and his fight with Whale Wars! For information on Enson’s handmade rosary bracelets, visit www.AuraBracelet.com

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