On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we wrap up our two-part series, “Cobra Kai Never Dies” with Simpson Go.

“To say completely, ‘Don’t use your strength’ would be wrong. It’s like saying, ‘Don’t use your flexibility, don’t use your quickness.'”

“Wrestling was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, just even mentally.”

“You have to be a bit more creative (coaching MMA), you have to analyze more. I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu for so long that if I coach a jiu-jitsu match it’s, you know, easy and I think there’s less variables. Now whereas you coach for MMA you have to come up with some gameplans.”

“I think you really have to enjoy the process because that’s what’s gonna keep you coming back.”

  • Sim discusses the benefits and challenges of being a lighter weight head coach, gym owner and fighter
  • Sim compares and contrasts Marcelo Garcia’s philosophy on “arm in” chokes to Cobra Kai’s philosophy
  • How did IBJJF politics impact Cobra Kai’s competition team and what supporting role did Gustavo Dantas play in this situation
  • Sim’s tips on how to become a life long grappler and what people should avoid along the way
  • Sim compares and contrasts the various rule sets he’s competed under (ADCC, FILA, Grappler’s Quest)
  • Sim gives advice to people thinking about starting their own schools
  • We discuss Sim’s goals for himself as a fighter, coach and business owner

For more information on Simpson Go, visit ckjj.com

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