Episode 35 – Simpson Go Pt. 1

On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, “Cobra Kai Never Dies,” we have Simpson Go on the show. For more details on this episode, click the “Read More” link below.

“When I started, I think BJ Penn was training there (J-Sect). You got Tito coming down quite a bit, Chuck Liddell, Tony DeSouza and Marc (Laimon) started coming in about three months after I started training.”

“They’d always look at me (as a teen) like, ‘You sure you want to do this? You want to be in the Men’s division? This is your last chance.’ See because I would weigh in and I would be like maybe 15 pounds underweight, I’d weigh in with my hoodie.”

“I think the speed really comes from being able to anticipate the moves. If you know what the guy’s about to do, and you not mastered it, but if you have the technique down to where you can capitalize on it the moment you see it, it makes you look so much quicker.”

  • What did Marc Laimon do to help make Sim, his first black belt, such a technical fighter and analytical coach?
  • How did Cobra Kai go from training on the rocks in Marc Laimon’s backyard to an American Jiu-Jitsu mecca
  • Sim gives advice to help smaller lighter grapplers succeed against larger stronger opponents
  • Sim explains how sometimes slowing down in training can actually speed up your game
  • What techniques are now signature techniques but gave Sim trouble when first learning them?
  • How does Sim incorporate film study, notes and video into his instruction
  • We discuss Robert Drysdale’s impact on the Las Vegas grappling scene

Stay tuned for Part II where we discuss Marcelo Garcia’s style, wrestling’s impact on jiu-jitsu, the current state of competition, Sim’s future plans for Cobra Kai and much more.

For more information on Simpson Go, visit ckjj.com

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