On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we have Jon Thomas, founder of Tap Cancer Out, on the show.

“I specifically wanted to start a non-profit that was in the jiu-jitsu space and got the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community united around a cause.”

“I didn’t know what was coming, but I knew it would be good and that it would work out if my heart was in the right place and the community got behind it, which I knew they would, and they did. I knew it could be something pretty special.”

“Just like on the mat. You can’t just THINK about what your next move is gonna be and sort of wait until it presents itself perfectly. You gotta just go for it. Just make it happen.”

“It’s a lot of work. Nobody can do this as their fulltime job, so you have to be willing to accept that you’ll be doing this late at night and on weekends.”

  • Where did the inspiration for Tap Cancer Out come from and why is the jiu-jitsu community the perfect group to create positive change
  • Learn the MANY ways you can support the Tap Cancer Out cause
  • Jon talks about the overwhelming support he got for the inaugural Tap Cancer Out tournament
  • What steps has Jon taken to increase transparency and ensure Tap Cancer Out uses funds in the best way possible
  • Learn about Jon’s plans for the future of Tap Cancer Out and how you can get involved!

For more information on Tap Cancer Out, visit TapCancerOut.orgFacebook.com/TapCancerOut, or Twitter.com/TapCancerOut.

Tap Cancer Out is supported by:
The Handprint Store
Predator BJJ
Tatami Fightwear
Jiu-Jitsu style magazine

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