Episode 32 – Cheri Heberling

On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, “The Importance of Hygiene,” we have Cheri Heberling from SuperBodyCare on the show. For more details on this episode, click the “Read More” link below. Enjoy the show! 

“This market totally needs this stuff to stay clean, stay on the mat and stay healthy so they can continue competing.”

“It (staph) just wrecks peoples careers! It’s an injury and it could also affect the bottom line of a gym owner.”

“I came into the business ’cause I wanna help. There’s so many pesky infections that people have to go see a doctor for that I think can be prevented in the first place.”

  • Cheri helps us breakdown the dirty side of training and how you can stay so fresh and so clean while training
  • Learn the preventative steps you can take to stay clean so you and your team can keep training
  • We discuss the importance of hygiene in combat sports such as Jiu Jitsu, grappling and MMA
  • Learn how SuperBodyCare products have helped out everyone from American Kickboxing Academy to the NBA
  • Cheri gives her guidelines on how to reduce the threat of infection for yourself and your gear
  • Cheri describes how essential oils are often misunderstood and why anti-bacterial soaps may work against your health
  • Why some coaches are hesitant to talk about hygiene with their students

Want free samples and a chance to win a canister of SuperBodyCare wipes? Listen to the show to find out how. For more information on Cheri, visit SuperBodyCare.com

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