On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we have Bernardo Faria on the show.

“I think jiu-jitsu is like infinity, you have a lot of techniques to learn.”

“On the mat, everybody is the same and we have to respect everybody.”

“Now my goal is to have a school too, so I’m just waiting for the opportunity or right proposal to do it.”

“Sometimes the training is harder than the competition, so you have to be ready everyday and with very good conditioning. If you’re eating well, your conditioning is better.”

  • Bernardo breaks down the process behind becoming a grand slam and multiple time black belt champion
  • Bernardo gives tips on how to deal with competition nerves
  • What advice does Bernardo have for preparing for gi vs no-gi tournaments
  • He talks about adapting his game in competition to defeat certain styles
  • Bernardo discusses how he tailors seminars to student’s needs and the amount of time he has to teach
  • Bernardo explains why he is as passionate about teaching as he is about competing
  • What has Bernardo learned from teaching seminars to students all over the world including the USA, Europe and South America

For more information on Bernardo Faria, visit BernardoFariaFans.com or Facebook.com/BernardoFariaBJJ

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