On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we have Scotty Nelson from OTM on the show.

“I was so lucky, I literally traveled from one end of Brazil to the other and got to experience all the different styles and training, and that got me in trouble!”

“I’ve gotten some heat in the past for calling jiu-jitsu a club sport, but, if you’re really honest with yourself and you look at it, if you can’t be a professional competitor it’s a club.”

“I love all submissions being legal. If you go back ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, the World’s back then to me were way more exciting than they are now.”

“Nothing is black and white but they make it black and white that steroids are 100% bad and I don’t think they are.

  • What caused Scotty to sell all of his life’s belongings and head to Brazil
  • He talks discrimination, acceptance and what was it like being one of the first Americans to cover the jiu-jitsu scene, in Brazil
  • Hear how Scotty’s internet reporting inadvertently got him in major trouble with Roger Gracie and the entire Gracie Barra team
  • Hear how OTM and Lucky Gi got started
  • Scotty passes on advice about life and jiu-jitsu from Dave Camarillo, Carlinhos and Carlson Sr.
  • Scotty reveals the two things he looks for when sponsoring athletes
  • Scotty takes us inside the legendary Master Paqueta’s jiu-jitsu vault

Bonus: News on upcoming Lucky Gi and OTM products!

For more information on Scotty, visit otmfightshops.com

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