On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, “Like a Bas,” we have the one and only Bas Rutten on the show.

“I will wake up my wife, this happened at least 6 times, in the middle of the night because I would dream a submission. I would wake her up and do it on her and then I would write it down.”

“Fighting is about who’s the toughest guy, who’s got the biggest cojones and who’s the guy that puts everything together.”

“If you’re a great striker or a good striker when you come in, I change you in 15 minutes.”

“People lose at a certain weight class and they never blame it on themselves and technique if they get caught because they blame it on the opponent because he was stronger and he cut more weight.”

  • Barfights, bombs and more adventures with Bas
  • Learn how Bas was able to build a submission game without ANY direct instruction on the ground
  • Bas compares and contrasts the Brazilian and Japanese styles of grappling in MMA
  • He offers one tip to fighters looking to make more money fighting
  • Hear what BJ Penn said to Bas that he considers the greatest compliment he has ever received
  • Find out what Steven Seagal has to do to prove to Bas that he is relevant in MMA
  • Bas talks about his new MMA movie “Here Comes The Boom”

For more information on Bas Rutten, visit basruttensystems.com or basrutten.com

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