On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, “Rebel With a Cause,” we have Tom Callos on the show.

“The black belt test should be something you live, and in the process of living it you inspire your community.”

“Any idiot can be a martial arts master. You want to be a cognizant, compassionate, participative engaged human being. It’s easy to be a master, it’s harder to be those things as a human being.”

“Martial arts isn’t just meant to be on the mat. You’re supposed to take that stuff you practice on the mat so diligently and apply it in the world to the benefit of other people in your community.”

“I don’t believe in jiu-jitsu, I don’t belive in tae kwon do, I don’t believe in styles. Those are brand names, it seperates us from them.”

  • Tom fills us in on the early days of teaching BJ Penn in Hilo and why he brought him to Ralph Gracie.
  • Tom describes the journey that took his son Keenan Cornelius from reluctant student to Purple Belt Grand Slam Double Gold Champion.
  • He talks about the decision making involved behind creating the Ultimate Black Belt Test and how it differs from traditional belt testing.
  • Tom gives advice for parents whose kids may lose motivation in training.
  • Tom describes what he thinks is the best balance between Budo and Business!
  • What attributes outside of technical mastery do teachers need to have in today’s martial arts community?
  • Tom gives school owners three key pieces of advice that can start helping them today.
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