Episode 26 – Jordon Schultz Ch. 2

On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we wrap up our two-part series with Jordon Schultz, Confessions of a Medal Chaser.

“I’m trying to start a movement where I’m going to release the stranglehold that sort of the Brazilians have on the instructional market.”

“I took that same way we present information in engineering, to get the best result to teach people the quickest, and I’m using that in jiu-jitsu and I’ve gotten awesome feedback from it.”

“Criticism is a sign that you’re doing the right things.”

“You can start with no money in internet marketing and you can be a multi-millionaire, just through dedication, perseverance, and the lack of procrastination.”

  • Find out why Braulio Estima criticized Jordon at the 2012 Worlds
  • Hear what valuable advice he received from Iowa Wrestling Head Coach Tom Brands
  • Jordon talks about the role of film study at Team Lloyd Irvin
  • Hear his thoughts on the ethics of competing
  • His stance on private lessons and how he is taking them to a level nobody else has ever taken them to
  • Find out what it’s like rolling with Master Lloyd and hear Jordon’s thoughts on instructors rolling with their students
  • He describes his experience training with and learning from Fernando Terere

Also in this episode, Jordon issues a public apology. For more information on Jordon, visit www.lawofguard.com or www.bjjmoneymachine.com

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