On this weeks episode of Open Mat Radio, we are happy to have Jordon Schultz on the show. This is chapter one of a two-part series, Confessions of a Medal Chaser.

“I owe my entire jiu-jitsu game to Alliance, but that’s all I was getting there, you know? I wasn’t getting anything else so I had to seek out my business and marketing advice from other people.”

“When I left Alliance I was told I wasn’t a brown belt. This was after I won the brown belt world championship.”

“The moves he (Cobrinha) showed me, I’d taken them, made them my own moves. I changed them and then I’m selling those moves, or showing those moves, to people. And we’re not on good terms because of that.”

“The biggest loyalty I’ve seen is at TLI where I’m at now. True loyalty is more than what the guru or head person can offer you. Its more about, honestly, it’s more about the team feeling.”

  • Jordon explains the details regarding why he left Alliance and joined Team Lloyd Irvin
  • Jordon compares his training under Jacare Cavalcanti and Cobrinha to his new team under Lloyd Irvin
  • Find out the positive and negative impact switching teams can have at the elite level
  • Jordon outlines his intense daily routine with the medal chasers at Team Lloyd Irvin
  • What support off of the mat does Lloyd Irvin provide for his competition team
  • Why did Jordon choose Lloyd Irvin as his mentor both on and off the mat

For more information on Jordon, visit www.lawofguard.com or www.bjjmoneymachine.com

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