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Scramble/OTM/Newaza/Meerkatsu/Gawakoto/ LDT Charity Presale Rashguard Collabo Live Now!!

For those of you that follow OpenMatRadio or TheJourneyPodcast I wanted to let you know about this fundraiser some friends have put together for me.…DER_p_322.html For the past four years I’ve gone through radiation, multiple rounds of chemo, four major surgeries, lots of complications, having to be airlifted from Vegas to UCLA and a

ADCC 2015 Day one Play-by-play

ADCC 2015 Welcome to the OpenMatRadio play by play for the 2015 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Championship from Sao Paulo. Purchase the stream and support Pro grappling by going to So we start with a delay and apparently EDM is preferred to giant taiko drums. Who knew? We’ll start with the over 99kg and


Some quick stats & thoughts This is the 17th Mundials of the modern era (1996 – ) and despite the absence of a number of Elite players due to injury, MMA or retirement (not least champions Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima) this edition looks to have surpassed even last year’s stellar competitor list. Budovideos will