Scramble/OTM/Newaza/Meerkatsu/Gawakoto/ LDT Charity Presale Rashguard Collabo Live Now!!

For those of you that follow OpenMatRadio or TheJourneyPodcast I wanted to let you know about this fundraiser some friends have put together for me.…DER_p_322.html

For the past four years I’ve gone through radiation, multiple rounds of chemo, four major surgeries, lots of complications, having to be airlifted from Vegas to UCLA and a lot more. My fight isn’t over.


Just the past few weeks have been a crazy story. I went in for another liver biopsy a little over a week ago. The doc unfortunately made some mistakes. He wanted to send me home but my sister was there to insist that the amount of pain I was in and how I handle pain didn’t make sense. They did another scan and showed that the doctor had punctured my diaphragm causing blood to pool and my lung to collapse. I went by ambulance to the same hospital Lamar Odum was just at. Luckily I saw no Kardashians.


What I did see however was a lot of trippy stuff. The Drs mismanaged my medication and after 48 hours of no sleep I had developed Intensive Care Psychosis. Full blown hallucinations and breaks from reality. This lasted days and persisted even after I was released. So when I say it’s been a long strange trip it really has. Being friends with Nic Gregoriades helped a lot as one of the hallucinations I had was a full blown ayuhuasca ceremony in the hospital.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and my projects (OpenMatRadio and TheJourneyPodcast) over the years. I’ve tried my best to make my websites useful for the community. This past year I’ve had to step away from them and also take a medical leave from work.

Thanks to everyone that has supported this rashguard release. Matt from Scramble made it happen as I was in and out of the hospital. The design is inspired by the mantra I’ve used over the past four years of treatments. “Just another lion to kill” is what my coach Sergio Penha would say when his coach, Osvaldo Alves would send killer after killer to beat Sergio. It was a brutal way to train but one that made Sergio an amazingly resilient man. So Lisa Del Toro, tattoo artist and training partner designed this lion killer to represent that mantra.

Scramble has the presale up on their UK site and will ship international.  I appreciate the support.…DER_p_322.html

And even if you don’t care about my cause it’s a pretty dope rashguard collabo!

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