ADCC 2015 Play by Play with Super Fight and Absolute Results

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Day Two
Thanks to BudoVideos, WantVSNeed, Studio540 for the stream. Go to BudoVideo’s and purchase it to watch live. This play by play is meant to compliment their stream not replace it.

Gabi Garcia v Jessica Olivera
We start with some issues with the stream. GG gets a takedown off to the side of the mat and are reset. Gabi lifts to open guard but Jessica keeps her guard closed. Gabi stands again, Jessica opens to set up a half with a shin playing in the bicep of GG. Gabi forces a turtle and attacks with front head control and drags Olivera to the mat. Gabi working from top turtle. Jessica initiates a scramble and gets donked on the head by Garcia. She is an inch shorter and we pause and then restart in the center standing. She attacks with a fireman’s carry that Gabi attacks with a crucifix. Gabi bullies her way into Jessica’s half. This is a wide weight class but Gabi has no choice in that. Her size too much for Olivera. GG pressuring from the half. We lose the screen for most of the rest of the fight. Jessica wins on decision going to the finals, beating the 2 time ADCC champ in a stunning upset!!

Michelle Nicolini vs Tammi Muscemi (apparently the hardest name to say in the world today)
Michelly and Tammi playing dueling seated guards. These two have met before… Both happy to play the footlock game and trade back and forth. An occasional inversion or step up for guard pass happens. Lots of leg transitions that are a bitch to write up so I’ll borrow from Caleb and call it Leg Spaghetti. Tammi comes up and starts to pass as Michelle attacks. Tammi not afraid of Nico’s guard. Michelle playing closed guard now. Muscemi defending the active guard of Niccolini. Michelle sweeps with one butterfly hook to come on top in a textbook sweep. Muscemi answers with a berimbolo attempt and comes up. Michelle sits up. They transition and Muscemi gets a single leg. They pop back up and I ponder why this exciting match is on the small screen while Gabi’s is a grinding match on the big one. Michelle wins.

Ana Laura Cordeiro reported to win her way to the final. I believe on points. No subs yet this morning.

Beatriz “Bea” Mesquita vs Mackenzie Dern
Fun Fact: This is reportedly the only match Ralek will watch today. #EqualPayForBJJ
They run to the enter and Dern sits down. Active in her attacking Bia’s arm for a drag and then starts attacking feet. An agreed on wardrobe check and the teammates start to battle again.
Dern on a toe hold makes Bea defend. Lots of attacks and counterattacks and we’re stuck on the small screen. Bea on a toe hold that Dern rolls to defend. Dueling seated guards now. Some pony tail clinching but no big passes. Bea falls back for a heelhook and Dern attacks in kind. They sit back up. Dern’s turn to shoot a submission attempt of her own. The teammates slow the pace and stay…we don’t know because we switch to Gabi in Jessica’s closed guard with not much happening. Who’s got the remote here? We return to Bea on a foot an Dern standing to escape. Another pause for wardrobe adjustments. Then we switch to watch Gabi standing alone on the mat…

We’re back to Dern and Mesquita rocking one another back and forth still playing the footlock game, Bea jumping on a toehold attempt. Jake announces, “Those two girls are going crazy right now” but we’re looking at Jessica hug someone in the crowd. We switch back and we head to a restart and points. Both women start standing and handfighting. Mack tries for a drop seoi nage near the edge of the mat and they’re restarted in the center. Dern hinting at level changes and shoots a single. They go hard at each other, Bea gets a foot and eventually gets a takedown but Dern pops back up. They’re going at each other hard. Scramble ensues and we get a reset with Bea playing open then closed guard against Dern. Bea sits up for a hip bump but is pushed back down. Dern with good posture defends. Bea goes again and has a body triangle from gward with alternating attempts to underhook the legs with her hands. Bea on a wristlock but can’t finish. Bea swings for an armbar attempt as time runs out. Dern gets the win and surprises more than just Bea.

Vinny MaghalaesVs Orlando “Big O” Sanchez
Vinny coming off a twister of teammate Arthilero. Orlando with a Toquinho style high give.They clinch and Orlando gets the take down. Vinny playing closed. Orlando’s hand periodically trapped by Vinny likely looking for triangles. Vinny bringing a high guard. Big O with heavy base shrugs off any triangle or high guard/rubberguard attempts. Vinny working an active guard with drags and various levels of leg position. Orlando pressures Vinny and forces a turtle. Vinny good at getting back to guard. Tries for a kimura from closed but Orlando is, well, Orlando. Orlando again forces Vinny to turtle and starts with pressure. The same trend of constant pressure to force a turtle and then Big O attacking with crucifix attempts and heavy top pressure as Vinny tries to work out. Several times we’ll have a scramble, Vinny get back to guard or hold the top. Vinny shot a single and got a lot of Orlando dropped on him. Big O content to cook Vinny with pressure. We run out of time. Big O gets the win. Points.

Joao Gabriel Rocha vs Jared Dopp
Dopp looking to pass the half of Rocha and we lose it. Rocha hooks a beartrap calf slice but Dopp defends. then Dopp tries for a hip throw as they get to standing. We lose the match for Xande vs Rodolfo

Rodolfo Vieiravs Xande
Battle of the crazy bald heads begins with both men content to stand. Rodolfo gets head control and Xande goes to his half. We get to see how Xande and Rodolfo get to do outside the gi. Xande sets up and omaplata that is defended with a crucifix attempt. Good transitions and nothing comes of it as we end with Rodolfo on top of Xande’s open half. Xande closes the half and Rodolfo drops the shoulder pressure. Xande escapes like a boss and stands back up. Vieira nods to some advice from his corner and they continue to wrestle each looking for good grips. Rodolfo runs after Xande with alternating single legs which Xande defends. Rodolfo gets to the back as we head off the mats. Restarted with Rodolfo behind Xande. He wrestles him to the ground as they almost head off the mat. Xande defends a hook and Rodolfo gets one arm across xande’s face. Rodolfo working the back with no hooks. Xande a master of defense and escapes turns to avoid the hooks and gets back to a neutral position, almost gets a takedown and we reset.

Xande almost on a single. Rodolfo so strong from standing keeps shooting counters to Xande’s wrestling. Get gets to Xande’s back and Xande amazingly gets out of the pressure from Rodolfo despite being belly down. Rodolfo going for an arm but Xande uses it to transition. We reset with Xande on top of Rodolfo’s guard. Rodolfo goes to a modified anaconda guard as time runs out. Rodolfo wins on points. He meets the winner of Pena and Assis.

Dopp is announced to beat Rocha. ‘Merica! #BrownBelt

Preguica vs Joao Assis
Pena playing guard against the heavy passing of Joao. Pena stands for a second attempting a drag. Joao attempting to bully the smaller Pena to the mat. Preguica gets on the neck for a second but Assis keeps the pressure. Pena kicking the chest of Assis to keep him away. A lot of the same with Joao’s pressure vs Pena’s slick guard work. Penaa inverts to stop a pass, turtles and gives up front headlock control which he just sits out of and gets back to his guard. Pena stays scrambling and gets to the back and secures the hooks. Works the back with a body triangle and constant attack. Tim runs out with Preguica winning on points. He’ll meet Rodolfo in the final!

First off shout out to Mikey who still owes me an acai from 5 Super League.

Yuri “the ‘Stache” Simoes vs Romulo Barral
They start wrestling, Yuri probably better due to headgear usage. Barral coming forward looking to overwhelm Yuri. Caio in the corner of Yuri and Jacob ChurchBoys Wrestling Harmon cornering Barral. Both men content to wrestle, neither winning the exchanges. Yuri gets deep on a single but gets it defended. Romulo tries for a takedown of his own that Yuri almost uses to get on top. Back to reset. Yuri active with his takedown attempts gets Barral to turtle and defend. Romulo playing guard and Yuri trying to pass by controlling the legs and reaching for the back of Barral. Yuri is past the guard and Barral mounts his defense by turning in and getting a knee in before getting back to butterfly. Barral gets back to standing and we start some wrestling again. Yuri gets the win! Caio gets out the candy!

Lepri and Sousa announced but we don’t get to see arguably the best match on the mat.

Otavio Sousa vs Lucas Lepri
We join the match as it’s started. Sousa, shirtless today, working to pass Lepri’s crafty guard. Sousa and Lepri go into a tornado of takedown attempts spinning themselves all the way to Keenan and Rustem’s mat. Lepri almost on the back but this isn’t horseshoes or handgrenades. We restart in the center. Lepri playing DLR. Sousa backs out. Sousa trying to pressure Lepri’s butterfly. Lucas active in his guard play. Sitting up and attempting sweeps. Working for a two on one grip on Sousa’s arm. Sousa posting on the neck of Lepri to prevent him from getting underneath him. We’re back to standing. Sousa gets to the back, suplex gets Lepri to the mat as Sousa jumps to get one hook and then rolls Lepri to the mat. Lepri defends the back and shakes Sousa off. Restart standing. Lepri gets in on a leg. Sousa sprawling hard but Lepri hits the corner and gets the takedown immediately into passing attempts.Sousa playing guard but one butterfly hook is smashed by Lepri. sousa kicks out and gets to standing where Lepri runs him off the mat. Lepri is playing guard and sweeps to the top with a knee in position to slice through Sousa’s guard. Time runs out and Lepri gets the win.


Rustam Chsievvs Keenan Cornelius
Keenan sits to guard. Keenan inverts and shoots a triangle attempt that’s defended. Keenan works to a single leg attempt from guard. Capt. Bodyhair suit defends. Keenan playing guard. Rustem takes a headlock and tries ripping Keenan’s head off. Keenan rolls through to defend two attempts at this. Reset to the center. Keena shoots a triangle but misses it. Rusty not coming forward but also not getting submitted. We go to overtime. Keenan and Rustem still on their feet halfway into the overtime. Some near takedowns but nothing to score from either man. Keenan forced to defend a front headlock for a moment. Keenan goes for a sort of uchimata. We head to the always popular judges table. Quick pause to encourage you to leave us a comment on iTunes about OpenMatRadio and TheJourneyPodcast, please like, subscribe and comment. The judges are back and Keenan gets the win as the crowd boos.

Cobrinha vs Tanquinho
Lot’s of wrestling. Cobrinha gets to the back of Tanq standing. They’re reset and Tanq spins out. Cobrinha gets on a single leg and Tanquinho is out. Somewhere Rafa Mendes is eating popcorn watching this match. Tanquinho attacks a standing straight angle lock while Cobrinha is on his leg as well. Tanquinho goes for a heel hook from the same position careful not to lose the foot. Cobrinha also on a leglock forces the match to the mat. Toquinho in a footlock attacks Cobrinha’s foot with a toehold of his own. Cobrinha attacks a heelhook of his own. Tanquinho’s pressure vs Cobrinha’s attacking guard. Both men shoot heelhooks with neither securing one. Scramble ensues and they’re off the mat.

With every attack from one there’s a counterattack from the other. The crowd boos as the ref does not allow Tanquinho to have the single leg on the restart. Tanquinho starts to run off the mat but Cobrinha has the back. The ref wants some camera time and pauses the action to the boos of the crowd. Now Cobrinha gets slighted and they’re restarted neutral. More wrestling from both men. Cobrinha content with attempting singles and Tanquinho defending them and attacking guillotines off them. Charles gets him to the mat but without control. Comes up and gets a front headlock. This match has been all on the feet. Tanquinho and Charles trading shots. Both men raise their hands as time runs out. Cobrinha gets the Win.

Davi Ramos vs Gilbert “Durinho” Burns
A battle of teammates. Davi gets the win with a mata leo. Durinho very emotional takes some time to get up. Looks very disappointed in himself.

Geo Martinez vs Bruno Frazzato
Geo sits to guard. Butt scoots to Bruno. Bruno looking to pass with knee pressure on the open guard of Martinez. Geo looking to get under Bruno, Bruno with excellent awareness doesn’t allow this. Bruno gets to a stack pass position and works to fold Geo in half. Bruno working pressure to both sides. Geo defending the pass but in doing so is unable to mount any attack. Bruno eventually working to pressure the half. You can hear Eddie Bravo coaching Geo to get moving. Frazzato ends up in Geo’s guard. Bruno gets one arm trapped by Geo’s high guard which is switched to an omaplata but he is squared up and not on an angle. Bruno keeps the pressure forward not caring much about the leg. We head to overtime as we restart standing. Bruno runs through a takedown and gets Martinez on his back. Geo playing quarter guard turns away to attempt a belly down sweep. Reset in the center. Cobrinha announced to get the winner of this match. Bruno looking to pass the guard for Martinez as time runs out. Bruno wins 2-0.

Gabi Garcia v Amanda “Tubby” Santana
Bronze Medal Match
GG on top of Amanda’s turtle. Amanda rolls and shoots a triangle that is defended. Gabi pressures and gets Amanda to turtle and starts her work by picking up the ankle. Amanda gets back to closed for a second before GG gets her to turtle. Gabi takes a front headlock off the turtled Santana. Gabi announced as Bronze Medalist.

Bea vs Tammi
We join the match with Muscemi and Bea playing seated guards. They get bumped to the small screen for Vinny and Joao. We lose the match. As we get it back we have Muscemi attempting to invert and get under Bea. Bea comes up to attempt a pass and they’re reset. Bea standing to pass now controls a wrist and half jumps for a triangle/armbar which is easily defended. Muscemi sweeps and falls back. They’re on their sides battle for foot grips as we lose the screen. We get it back and it’s much of the same. Bea more active side to side but can’t get a pass. Muscemi’s guard is working to defend the passes. Muscemi inverts but nothing comes of it. Bea almost gives up the back standing as Muscemi gets one hook. Bea standing with Tammi getting both legs around her waist standing. Bea taps to the rear naked choke! Huge win for Muscemi!

Vinny Magalhaes vs Joao Gabriel Rocha
Joao Gabriel already a winner in life as he returns to the competition scene after beating cancer. They start trading grips and wrestling for position. we finally hit the mat and Vinny attacks with a heel hook. Rocha spins a few times but Vinny beats him taking the win.

It is announced that Xande is injured and concedes the bronze medal to Assis

Geo Martinez and Augusto Tanquinho Mendes – Bronze match
Neither man got much time to recover from their last match.
Rustem vs Romulo-Bronze Match
It’s skins vs skins in this shirtless battle. Romulo sits to guard. It is illegal to use Rustem’s hair for chokes despite the rugged depth of the carpet. Rustem stands with Barral playing closed guard. No slam as they hit the mat. Romulo playing cautious. Romulo almost looks bored. Rustem wraps the legs but Barral wraps the neck of Rustem. We end up back to the same position of Barral’s guard. Romulo has some blood coming from the corner of his eye or brow. We stop for the medics. Doesn’t appear serious or have Barral concerned.

We restart with Romulo playing a more active guard. More of the same. We end up standing again. Romulo almost down off of a double leg from Rustem but pops back up to his feet in this overtime round. Rustem shoots another double attempt on the side of the mat. They’re re-set with Romulo on his butt with Rustem on one leg and an ankle. Romulo rolls out and off the mat and we restart. Again Rustem shoots a double only to have Barral squirm out and pop to his feet. Barral may weeble, he may wobble but he does not give up points. Romulo runs after Rustem as his back is turned and they head to the center, Rustem turns and hits a double on Barral this time getting it to the mat but Barral…pops right back up. Barral must be thinking of trying to bow and arrow choke Rustem using his own body hair as time runs out. Rustem takes bronze!

Durinho vs Otavio Sousa – Bronze Medal Match
Durinho with the takedown. Sousa playing “Williams” guard but is forced back to close. Sousa trying to kill the posture of Burns with the Williams guard grips, small hip bump to test Durinho’s base which is solid. Sousa with a technical stand up and they restart standing. Durinho clearly showing he’s been playing a lot of MMA as he’s bouncing around the mat standing and hits a takedown immediately into Sousa’s Williams’ guard. Durinho now up 4-0. Sousa almost gets mounted after getting to the back standing of Durinho who rolled. They end up with Sousa on his back with Durinho on top. Sousa gets it back to standing as time runs out. Durinho gets the bronze. This ADCC Sousa will take home nothing.

Geo Martinez and Augusto Tanquinho Mendes – Bronze match
we don’t get to see any of this but Tanquinho wins by submission. Sorry 10th Planet folks, didn’t get a chance to see this.

Ana Laura Cordeiro vs Jessica Gold Medal Match
It’s a GB battle for gold. Ana Laura sitting to guard as Jessica looks to jump past to one side. Ana buttscooting forward looking for anaconda guard and then switches to X. She sweeps and comes to the top. Jessica’s turn to play guard as Cordeiro looks to pressure a knee through for the pass. Ana collects Jessica’s head while stuck in her half guard. Let’s it go as Jessica looks to get an underhook. The ref’s ass makes today’s debut. Pour a little coffee out for the cameraman.

Jessica sweeps to the top but a scramble ensues and we restart standing. Ana Laura sits to guard. She comes up with a single leg and finishes the takedown. She passes and forces the turtle, tries for the back but almost gets pushed off the back, attacks an armlock before Jessica gets out and stands up. Now Jessica standing to pass. Tries to control the ankles of the guard playing Cordeiro. Ana shuts this down and is forced to defend a double under pass. This is also defended and they reset themselves to the center. Jessica with another semi-cartwheel pass but it’s easily defended. She tries to pressure more of a pass and almost gives up a leg. Ana Laura sitting up now. Quick pause for the cause, please be sure to share these posts to help people unable to buy the stream!

Ana sweeps and comes up in an attempt to pass Jessica’s half. Ana works to side and in doing so also has a head and arm. She slips to mount as Jessica stuffs a foot and Ana takes the back. Jessica defending the mata leo across the jaw. This GB on GB violence must be hard for AJ to watch although he’s probably off comparing Acai brands. Jessica now turtled with Ana Laura still attacking the back. The roll to their sides. Back to turtle.

Ana Laura still on the back as Jessica stands, thought of an armbar attempt as Jessica shrugs Ana Laura forward on her back and eventually shakes Ana Laura to the mat. Ana now playing gward de closed. Jessica now pushing the pace, trying to pressure a reaction and take the back off of a guard pass. They’re reset in the center with Cordeiro playing seated guard against a pass attempting Jessica. Ana gets an open guard sweep and comes on top. She puts her back in Jessica’s face in order to hunt a kimura from top half. Nothing there so she underhooks Jess’ top leg and works to pass with shoulder pressure. Returning to a kneeslice position now. Jessica gives up the pass but not the kimura, she’s forced to turtle and defend. They’re off the mat and reset standing in the center. Time runs out and your winner is from GB. The great Ana Laura Corderio collects the gold. Congrats to both women on a great ADCC.

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Michelle Nicolini vs Mackenzie Dern
This is perhaps one of the best rivalries in jiu jitsu. They both come out assertive with their grips. Ponytails are flying and we hit the mat with Michelle playing guard first. Dern comes to the mat to attempt to pass. Nicolini and Dern attack each other with nothing landing. They pause to allow Michelle to remove some tape. Dern forced to defend an arm but dives on Michelle’s foot. All attacks are nullified and we return to dueling seated guards. Mackenzie attacking a footlock forcing Michelle to defend. Michelle smiles to the crowd. They are reset in the center. They’re face to face battling for grips. Michelle kicks out of Dern’s grips. Both women respecting each others games and playing things tight. It’s a game of inches. More ref ass in the screen.

Michelle sweeps from butterfly and comes on top. Neither has wanted to pass and points haven’t counted yet. Back to playing foootsies. Mackenzie inverts and comes up to pass jumping past the guard. Patented smile of Dern as she looks to control Nicolini. Michelle defends well and ends up on top with Dern on her side playing guard. Reset. Dern attempts an armdrag. Dern returns that with a possible footlock attempt. We’re in leg spaghetti (patented to Fightworks Podcast) .

More of the same strategies. Both women attack ankle locks that are turned to toe holds and then let go returning to dueling seated guards. Dern now in the closed guard of Nicolini. We pause to fix ponytails as catcalls come from the crowd, classy. Dern tries stepping around the closed guard of Michelle to no avail. Nicolini playing closed guard again. Dern breaking grips and getting posture. Dern has not scored yet but there is a penalty point on Nicolini. Michelle breaks the posture of Dern and puts a triangle guard in place momentarily. Back to traditional closed. Dern stands to pressure. Coming down Nicolini sweeps and comes up with 2 points. Now Dern is chasing from behind. Dern helps move some hair out of place and Michelle thanks her. Nicolini gets taken down briefly but is reversed and now they end up with Nicolini in a triangle around one leg ala 5050 position. Dern awarded 2 for the takedown. Now Nicolini is behind. Michelle answers with a sweep of her own to take the lead!

Dern active with a butterfly guard. Michelle trying to slow the very active Dern down. Mackenzie inverting and grabbing a foot. Michelle gets swept with Dern now on top! We’re even on points but that negative on Nicolini is what’s keep them fighting hard. Dern trying to pressure Michele but Nicolini is able to recompose closed guard. We break for another hair fix and the cat calls ensue. Super classy. Tanquinho probably wanting to rage.

We restart with Dern in Nicolini’s closed guard. Somehow the most prestigious grappling event in the world has a HS Wrestling flipboard for scoring and no clock. Dern’s posture is broken by Nicolini’s double underhooks and closed guard which is switched to an attempted butterfly that is put back into closed. Dern’s posture broken again but nothing comes of it. Dern warned for stalling but no penalty given. That would have evened things. Omaplata attempt by Nicolini as Dern stands, switched to a footlock, then kneebar then back to the closed guard of Nicolini. Time continues to tick as Michelle elevates Dern, then shoots an omaplata and comes up. Dern keeps a foot and comes up to a turtled Nicolini. Time runs out. The Buffinator about to announce a win but there is discussion at the table. First time at black belt and Dern gets gold. The rivalry continues. Five SuperLeague where you at? We need another!!

The big Homies Final
Jared Dopp vs Orlando Sanchez
They tie up on the feet. Both of these Americans are happy to bring the action and push the pace. Check out our archive for interviews with Orlando from over the years, Dopp is a brown under Lovato Jr. Orlando gets a suplex on Dopp taking the match to the closed guard of Dopp. No score as it’s ADCC. Dopp opens his guard. Orlando pressuring the butterfly of Dopp. Orlando sponsored by that annoying song as he clearly is “All about that ‘base’.” Both of these gentlemen are former football players. Good to see grappling steal some athletes away to sub grappling from football. Please help support this by supporting these events by purchasing tickets there and buying the stream. Don’t pirate, it hurts our athletes.

Orlando still pressuring Dopp’s guard but unable to pass. Dopp unable to mount anything on his side either. Ref warns both men. They push the pace a big and Dopp goes to half. Big O trying to take a crucifix by jumping and closing his legs on Dopp’s posting arm. We’re still scoreless as Dopp gets back to closed. Orlando sneaking an arm inviting a possible triangle but who the hell wants to try and triangle that fire hydrant of a neck. We get a scramble and Dopp pushes for a takedown. The crowd boos a restart as Dopp had a front headlock. The boos actually stop the action and the ref stops the match and gives Dopp the position back. Dopp lets Orlando out or Orlando pushed free. Either way we are back to standing.

This could be great for Dopp who has yet to pressure Orlando from his guard. Orlando with some fast feet trying to pressure Dopp into giving up posture or grips. Dopp has good awareness and gives up nothing. Thanks again to everyone for sharing these and all of our posts to help spread the word about the show and out play-by-by. I think Bruce Buffer just called Muscemi Mitsubishi but I could be wrong. Big O gets a body lock to takedown. Still no points.

Dopp pops back to his feet. Back to ‘rasslin’. Big O eventually gets front headlock control, he keeps the match in the mat. Dopp careful not to touch both knees to the mat. Ref resets to the center with Big O keeping the front headlock grip. Dopp gets free and gets an inside tie before they’re reset. Dopp working a two on one grip and then back to an underhook and more grip fighting. Still no score. Orlando with a body lock off an armdrag attempt from Dopp. Air Orlando goes for take off hitting two suplex’ that Dopp gives his war face too. The third attempt and Dopp gets free.

The score is still 0-0 so lots of energy being used with no points hitting the board. We enter the points time. Will Dopp be able to armdrag the muscle stumps that are Orlando’s limbs? Will Orlando be able to control Dopp after one of those takedown attempts? This would make for an amazing MMA fight to be honest. If Dopp could jab Orlando away his reach advantage could help. With the grappling game Orlando does not have to respect Dopp’s reach advantage. Both men in great shape and constantly working. Just not much going on. Dopp had a standout performance at his last ADCC when he was a purple belt. Let’s see at Brown if he can take the gold. Orlando has been focused on MMA and is one of Werdum’s main training partners.

Jared on a leg chases Orlando down but that’s right, Orlando doesn’t get takedown on singles and drops his tree stump of a leg to the mat stopping the attempt. Jacob Harmon in Orlando’s corner screaming to “Keep it in the center”. Lovato Jr. cornering his brown belt Dopp. This may be the first all-USA final. Keenan is the only other American male in the finals. Orlando with a Toquinho like high five to Dopp’s face. This match getting some boos as time runs out.

This was a bit more exciting than the Liborio vs Sperry match. We head to the second overtime. Zepps of Studio 540 announces that Dopp is interning at Boeing, studying for a masters and is training two days a week. Imagine where he’ll be if he ever goes training fulltime like his partners under Lovato, Justin Rader and James Puopolo (both of whom have been on OpenMatRadio multiple times, check the archives for those shows). The crowd boos but offers no advice on how to get this match to the mat. Orlando tries for an inside trip. Big O gets the nod and takes home the gold!

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Felipe “Preguica” Pena vs Rodolfo Vieira
This will be a battle of Copa Podio stars. Please support pro jiu jitsu by purchasing streaming events, whether Polaris, Copa Podio or anything BudoVideo’s gets with. Pirate Mayweather if you like but please help inject some green support to sport grappling by buying the streams. We start with more wrestling. The crowd reinvigorated as Rodolfo hits a single and then rolls to attack Preguica’s back. Rodolfo’s back and overall control is insane. Pena stands and Rodolfo only gets tighter on the back. They hit the mats with Rodolfo all over Pena. Pena gets taken down with a footsweep as Rodolfo had his back standing. Preguica and Rodolfo chants begin.

It is so unfortunate that Bernardo Faria got a freak foot injury teaching before the event. We send healing vibes to our big brother from Brasil. Rodolfo bullies Pena to the mat and pressures Pena’s half to start passing. Rodolfo gets to mount. Pena is squirmy and gets to guard against a standing Vieira. Rodolfo working to pass as Preguica turns his back and stands, Rodolfo easily grabs back control as they stand, he then hits another trip. No score yet as both men return to standing. We pause for an eye poke and get back to standing. While we watch more brazilian jiu rasslin consider checking out our archive to listen to some of the best in the game talk about everything from life off the mat, to training tips and lots of history.

Rodolfo finally gets a leg but Pena goes for a switch of his own almost getting the back. Nice scramble that Pena gets to put some pressure on for once. He kicks at Rodolfo’s foot as a foot sweep attempt as they square up again. Back to ‘rasslin. I wonder what is in the acai in Brazil. Some of these guys look like they must workout. Rodolfo runs the pipe on a single as Sloth wraps a neck and looks to sweep. Clearly too much action for my computer to handle and like an old man at a urinal my stream stops short. Rodolfo on another double leg, Preguica attacking off the takedown attempt prevents Rodolfo from securing position. The No Parra chants from GFTeam are answered by Preguica chants from GB. Pena gets a single but Rodolfo defends. Rodolfo answers by getting in on the hips. Preguica preventing any points from being scored but can’t break free of Rodolfo’s grips. Taking it to the mat Rodolfo gets shaken off. We get some stalling calls. Which mean as much as dentists’ calls to MIyaos, as nothing happened because of it. And another stalling call. Way to speed things up by stopping the action heferee.

Rodolfo on a single. We’re reset to the center with Rodolfo keeping the foot of Preguica. We see Rodolfo save Pena from being thrown into the cameramen (thanks for keeping Stuart Cooper safe). No takedown and we reset. Pena shoots, Vieira sprawls. We pause for checking the eye of Rodolfo. While we wait a special thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style Mag,, LuckyGi, Manto and for helping support OpenMatRadio. Thanks to Studio 540, WantVSNeed, Shoyoroll and BudoVideos for the stream from Sao Paulo. We see a team of white coats try to convince Rodolfo to wrap his head like they did Cavaca. Rodolfo uses that wrap to wipe his face and tosses it aside. The ref towels down Rodolfo, possibly with Rodolfo’s powder blue Jesus power shirt. Let’s see if the holy magic that is that shirt does anything for the GFTeam champ. Pena also wiped down by the ref. More cat calls and whistles from the crowd. Or maybe Michelle walked past the mat. #thanksRalek.

Back to standing and a scoreless final. Another double leg as means to get the back. Pena defends well as they go off the mat. Reset and Rodolfo stands up faster than Garry Tonon at a Five Guys when his order gets called. More stand up from the Copa Podio Champs. Pena attacking relentlessly on a single. Second and third attempts get him the leg but it’s defended by Vieira. Pena attacking a kimura and possible crucifix but Rodolfo defends by force. We enter overtime.

We start overtime with Pena leaning into Vieira’s forehead. Grip fighting ensues. Rodolfo rolls the tops of his shorts as he probably made a bit of a cut today. Fun fact I have yet to see the World Anti Doping people in the background. Wait a second, this is jiu jitsu, no need for drug testing since we’re all martial artists here. Rodolfo fights hard to get to the back again almost getting takedown points but can’t secure the squirming Pena who escapes and keeps the score 0-0. Pena shoots on a single and then uchi mata as they go off the mat. Pena now pushing the pace. Rodolfo likely ahead on aggression and near attempts. No advantages but we do have judges decisions if we pass the overtime rounds in a tie or scoreless.


The crowd starts to chant in an attempt to get their fighters going. Preguica shoots a jumping guillotine as Rodolfo uses that for a takedown attempt. Scrambles ensue and they’re back standing. Pena attacking again. Rodolfo gets back to his belt grip from behind Pena. Still no points. Pena briefly worked from the mat to try an get a sweep. This match is going much the same way as Dopp and Orlando. How will these long matches factor into the absolute later today?

We go to a decision. Rodolfo takes home the gold!

Gold Medal Match
Yuri Simoes vs Keenan Cornelius
Very disappointed at the start of this, Yuri’s majestic porn-stache (Zepp’s words not mine) is gone. Alas we start with out the fantastic facial hair. Keenan comes out in pushing forward as Yuri is happy to wrestle. Both of these gentlemen put on great shows at the recent Five SuperLeague. We’re still standing as they exchange grips and pummel for inside control. Yuri gets a brief front headlock on Cornelius but Keenan pops his head out fast. Both men have been working their wrestling and are happy to show off their new skill sets. The fans are tired of the stand up from today’s matches and we may hear “Sit them down” come from the peanut gallery. For those that are new to ADCC there are some funky rules, one of which is a negative point for pulling guard.

Keenan shoots in on a single and can’t snatch the leg. More wrestling exchanges with neither man getting the upper hand. Yuri will get some front headlocks off of Keenan’s shots. Yuri with front head control goes for a guillotine and ends up off the mat. The ref is hesitant to reset and move them but does so. They restart with Keenan caught in the guillotine-esque position which Cornelius brushes off. More wrestling leads to Yuri on a leg. Keean is forced to the mat and Yuri gets back control for 3 points. He is also up by 1 negative that was given to Keenan, not sure how or why, perhaps the ref needed some more camera time. Yuri now up on points but loses the back control of Keenan. Cornelius no in a position that he has to score and score fast or submit Yuri. Yuri able to get to a belt grip from behind on Keenan. Keenan attacks a kimura, could have possibly gone Sakuraba/Aoki style. Another penalty to Cornelius. Keenan may have to submit Yuri considering the time and point differential.

Keenan playing seated guard now. Yuri would be wise to stand as he knows what he’s going to get there. Keenan’s guard is more dangerous than his wrestling. Yuri trying to pass the guard of Keenan. Cornelius comes up for a possible takedown attempt. Another penalty point given, this time to Yuri. Rader and Dopp spotted in the back, what’s up homies?

Keean now inverted then back to seated guard. Another penalty now given to Yuri. So each man has 2 passivity penalties. I believe the third call is a DQ. Keenan back to standing now. Keenan could use a belt sponsor as his shorts keep sagging, no doubt due to same day weigh ins and a long match here with yuri. Keenan shoots, Yuri attacks a guilotine, Keean defends and goes to double unders. Time runs out. You 2015 Champ, Yuri Simoes!! Yuri now 2-1 against the American prodigy.


Davi Ramos vs Lucas Lepri
Gold Medal Match
Lucas coming off a 10-0 win over the very game Tonon. Ramos submitted Durinho on his path to the final. OUT OF NOWHERE Davi Ramos jumps into taking the arm of Lepri who was playing seated guard, forcing a fast tap!

Zepps announces he’s dropping Dopp $5k for his performance and considering he’s a fulltime student and “semi-pro” grappler.
Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles vs Bruno Frazatto
Bruno has been fighting MMA lately for the RFA. He meets the veteran Cobrinha in this final. After a lot of stalemating Cobrinha gets on a single that Bruno defends. Charles has been going after outside singles all weekend. He mixed armdrag attempts in with his attempts at taking a leg. Bruno respecting the wrestling of Charles as both men keep the match standing. Mostly wrestling standing as neither competitor wants to pull guard. Charles in on another single leg. Drags Bruno back to the center and away from the side. He’s got the single leg deep and continues to keep Bruno in the defense. He runs the pipe and dumps Bruno to the mat but loses control. Frazatto jumps up but has his leg again snatched up by Charles. Similar to what just happened Charles runs the pipe and dumps Bruno forcing a scramble that he gets the back. Cobrinha takes a page out of ADCC history and kicks the back of Bruno’s knees while maintaining back control ala Marcelo vs Ricco.

Cobrinha working to take the back and eventually gets the body triangle and 3 points. Cobrinha now up on the scoreboard. Bruno forced to defend the constant threat of Cobrinha’s RNC and kimura grips. Charles also looking to possibly take the arm of Bruno. Cobrinha switching between traditional hooks and the body triangle but keeps the left foot straight and between Bruno’s legs rather than outside them as many people play, which let’s Charles lift the opposite side leg of Bruno. BudoJake notices this a bit after I do, great minds ;). Check this article later on for pictures to better demonstrate Cobrinha’s foot positioning.

Cobrinha alternating attacks on the neck and possible kimura grip. Bruno defending well and looks composed. Not a bad performance from Tanquinho, Frazatto and Orlando all of whom have been focused on MMA lately. Time runs out with Charles stuck to the back of Bruno. He brings home a gold medal and we all wonder what Rafa Mendes is doing right now.

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Garry “Lion Killer” Tonon vs Vinny “Leave me alone Renato LaranjaMagalhaes
Garry starts by sitting down to play butterfly. He goes for a lockdown on Vinny’s leg stretching it out. Garry gets back to closed guard. Vinny stands and Garry opens preferring to play his half. Garry clearly looking to get after the feet of Vinny. Vinny aware of this tries to fold Garry in half. Garry playing DLR as Vinny looking to pass standing. Garry attacking a heelhook but Vinny is made of rubber anyways and defends. Garry continues to look for leglock positions. Garry has Vinny’s right leg trapped and looks for finishing holds. Vinny answers with a toehold grip of his own before turning to face Garry. Tonon on his back playing an anaconda/Maia guard. We are in a Fifty50 battle. Garry gets Vinny’s knee bent and has a decent grip for the heelhook attempt. Vinny frees the knee and puts his foot flat on the mat. Garry switching between legs and grips intent to hunt for ankles. Vinny content to work his defense. Garry gets Vinny’s foot and bellies down forcing Vinny to defend. Garry working his entire body against the large flexible limbs of Magalhaes. Somewhere Renato Laranja is screaming for Garry and wearing a Newaza shirt. Vinny close to passing but ends up back in Garry’s buffet of footlock options. They’re reset in the center.

Garry sits to butterfly after making contact. Vinny working to pass to half and now trying to smash Garry’s face with shoulder pressure. Garry gives zero fucks (excuse the inside joke with Garry) and continues to work. Garry working all sorts of inversions and guards to try and get under or on the legs of Vinny. Both guys content to work in the same manner of the first round. Would be interesting to see if Garry switches to a sweep with short time left in order to score. Garry being a finisher he stays attacking the legs of Vinny. Vinny defending everything Garry has thrown at him but has not mounted much of an offense of his own. Time runs out and they shake hands. Vinny gets the win.

Dean Lister wins his first match with a guillotine. Not sure against who or how.

Claudio Calasans vs Gabriel Lucas
Trying to watch both this and Garry vs Vinny. Calasans seems content to play from butterfly often sitting to that guard as Lucas comes forward. Calasans on a front headlock and possible guillotine. He’s standing trying to finish the much taller Lucas. Lucas pops his head out and the standing battle continues. Calasans gets the win.

Rodolfo Vs Benson Henderson
Benson active and attacks with a takedown that Rodolfo shoots a guillotine off of but loses it in favor of taking top half. Henderson will probably have to turn his head when making left turns for a while as Rodolfo drops shoulder of justice pressure on Benson’s chin. Rodolfo loses Benson when he tried jumping to the back. Benson on top now trying to pass the quarter guard of Rodolfo who hits a Plan B sweep. They scramble and go towards the edge of the mat but Rodolfo jumps on Ben’s back. Henderson falls back ala Marcelo/Ricco. Rodolfo dents the mats as the hit the ground considering he is made of a synthetic cyber organic material. Rodolfo working to pass the half of a game Henderson. There is a stop to check Rodolfo’s chin as Benson points out, “You’re leakin’ bro”.

We restart with Benson shooting himself into a crucifix. Rodolfo transitions to a triangle from the guard, rolls him over to a mounted triangle. Benson also getting his arm attacked by Rodolfo. Ben rolls over to stack Vieira who is still attempting the triangle. Henderson taps

Yuri vs Hideki
Yuri drops the headgear and goes to wrestle the Asian version of Orlando Sanchez. We don’t see the match.

Lovato vs Magomed
We start with Lovato getting a Toquinho style neck grab/slap by Magomed. As we progress Lovato is playing closed guard alternating between sitting up and going to a high guard. Magomed tries for a double under pass. Lovato gets to an omaplata and loses it but does get on top. Lovato pressure passing to mount. Time runs out and Lovato takes the win! Lovato faces Rodolfo in the quarters.

Wagner Rocha vs Romulo Barral
Barral playing guard against the active Rocha who is trying to pass. Romulo’s foot attacked by the falling backward Rocha and lands in a fidyfidy posish. Barral on top of the inverted Rocha and we get a scramble and restart standing. Wagner mixing foot sweep attempts and arm drags. Wagner stays persistent and gets Barral down. Wagner earns the 2 and is now up which ignites a more active Barral. Romulo playing closed as Wagner stands Barral switches to butterfly. Rocha looking to smash Romulo’s half but Romulo comes back to playing butterfly. Wagner preventing Barral’s sweep attempts but Romulo is able to get a leg off of a lift. Wagner gets it back. Rocha doing a great job of killing the clock by staying in front of the butterfly guard of Romulo. Wagner wins!

AJ Agazarm vs Joao Gabriel Rocha
We join this in action. AJ gets his back taken by the larger Gabriel. Gets his back to the mat. Rocha working to pass and gets a kimura grip and it’s defended by AJ. Rocha staying in control on top. AJ gets free, looks to say something to the ref before attempting to pass the open guard of Joao. AJ attacks a leg and Joao comes up to take the back. AJ is turtled facing away from the attacking Rocha. Rocha playing with AJ. Rocha now on a possible heelhook. AJ stands up and moves back to the center. AJ looking to pass Rocha’s half with an over underpass. Rocha sits up and forces another turtle. Rocha attacking the back without hooks in. They get back to standing and the size difference is a bit more apparent. Eventually we get back to the position of the day with Gabriel attacking the back of the turtled AJ. AJ a bit more desperate now. He almost gets swept from the guard for Rocha but defends. Time runs out. AJ shows off his fitness as he hops in space as Rocha waits for the ref to raise his hand as the winner, which the ref does.

Vinny vs Calasans
We join this in action. Vinny diving on a double leg of the escaping Calasans. They restart in the center with Vinny on top of the shirtless Calasans. Vinny with long sleeves and spats working to open the closed guard of the wristlock hunting Calasans. We restart standing and neither man gets the upper hand so far. Calasans gets the win.

Dean Lister vs Yuri Simoes
We pick up this action with Dean chillin’ on the bottom. First big action is when Dean decides to get up. Which he does by tossing Yuri to the mat. Dean falls back to attack the feet. Yuri with what I can only imagine is the fear of Odin in him escapes. He then pauses a bit before launching a new passing sequence against the seated Lister. Dean allowing Yuri to get close so he can snatch a leg and come on top. Yuri looking to get a kimura grip from bottom half. Dean, he be chillin’. Glover cornering Lister who ends up in the butterfly guard of Yuri. Yuri elevates Lister but can’t move the hulk that is Dean. Glover announces “Less than 3mins Dean”. Dean in the closed guard of Yuri. Yuri opens and Dean flattens Yuri’s legs and eventually back to a guard. Lister lets Yuri up and people scream for 2 for Yuri. Caio heard yelling for his fighter. Dean gets the win. No he doesn’t. The ref restarts and Dean sits guard getting a penalty no doubt. Dean on his knees is wrestling the standing Yuri. Yuri works to the back of Dean’s turtle. Yuri sits behind Dean unable to get hooks. Dean’s unorthodox defense has him flat against the active and jumping Simoes. Dean comes to his knees and walks towards Yuri who is standing. Dean stands and shoots. Glover screaming “Score Dean-o!” Dean more active for takedowns but time runs out. Yuri now gets his hand raised by the ref!

Lovato vs Rodolfo
Lots of standing wrestling grips being exchanged. We get Rodolfo running Lovato off the mat with a takedown attempt that Lovato initially defended. Lovato ends up under the pressure of Rodolfo. Rodolfo works to get mount. Lovato escapes and locks up a half guard and then goes to open alternating DLR and Spiral sweep/back take attempts. Rodolfo wanting to pass works the long legs of Lovato Jr. Lovato on a kimura grip. Time runs out. Rodolfo wins.

Wagner vs Joao Gabriel
Battle of the Rocha’s. A very game Wagner attacked throughout the match but could not beat the big man of the same surname. Props to Joao on his performance after coming back from a winning battle against Cancer.

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Yuri Simoes vs Claudio Calasans Absolute
Mostly standing at the start of this absolute match. Yuri runs after a single after both get warned for stalling. Yuri pushes the pace and gets a near takedown off of the shot of Calasans before going off the mat. Lots of wrestling in this one. I’d type more but it’s a standing battle and Gabriel vs Vieira is a bit more mixed in the standing and ground game. Both men are going hard there just has not been anyone hitting the mat for points. Calasans on a guillotine after Yuri shoots. Claudio giving us his Popeye impersonation as he squeezes the neck and head of Yuri. The judges give it to Calasans sending him to the finals!

Joao Gabriel Rocha vs Rodolfo Vieira
We are rasslin once again. The taller Rocha working against Rodolfo who grabs a two on one grip before disengaging. Rodolfo on a front headlock forces Gabriel to the mat before losing the position. Joao sits to butterfly guard. Rodolfo into his pressure game. Working to pass on both sides as Joao frames against Rodolfo. Joao starts to invert to attack a leg but nothing is there. Comes back to playing guard. Rodolfo called off the mat by the refs. We can assume the refs are warning the teammates to pick up the pace and action. For those that don’t know these gentlemen have trained together. I would bet they both also want to get a crack at the huge purse the absolute brings with it. Rodolfo gets to his knees and Joao stays on top spinning to try and get to the back which Rodolfo answers by going to half.

We restart with both fighters looking annoyed by the refs. Rodolfo looking to pass and Rocha looking to come out the back, which he does, Rodolfo stands and Rocha stays with him. They end up on the ground with Rocha on top of Vieira’s half. It’s the bigger man’s turn to pass now. Rodolfo reaching for a grip on the leg of Rocha but is denied. The match ends with both men exhausted and laying down. Before either fighter can get up Bruce Buffer announces that the winner is….Joao Gabriel Rocha!!!!! This sends the young cancer survivor to the finals!!!!

BudoJake asks Buchecha if he’d like a rematch with Roger. Cheeks being the chill champion that he is respectfully comments on his match with Roger. Cheeks said he was very happy with the result despite not winning or losing.
Yuri vs Rodolfo for Absolute Bronze
Rodolfo accepts the win as Yuri is reportedly injured and cannot continue.

ADCC 2015 SuperFight Andre Galvao vs Cyborg
Stuart Cooper flexes as the camera pans around the room. Kinya Hashimoto also spotted. Shout outs to both fine media members. Thanks to ADCC for involving the jiu jitsu media. It’s good to see the event values the community support. #thanksRalek.

Cyborg takes the mat and they’ve called Andre 2, now 3 times. The crowd cheers as the Atos leader heads to the mat.

Galvao comes out attacking. It’s a battle of technique, speed and experience. Cyborg has been finished by Galvao in the past however that was in the gi. Galvao collects a leg for the single leg takedown. Cyborg is back up and they end up off the mat. When they pummel for grips it looks like Cyborg is able to palm Andre’s head like a basketball. Andre continually looking for the inside control which Cyborg brushes off. Andre also reaching for the legs. Cyborg defending both styles of attack until Galvo gets a single leg and dumps Cyborg down. Andre dives on a leg but Cyborg defends. We’re back to standing. Galvao again grabs a single and dumps the bigger man to the ground after ending up on the next mat over. The refs have let some takedowns go onto other mats and stopped others. Reset with Galvao on top of Cyborg’s very dangerous half. Galvao looking for a crucifix as Cyborg turtles. Andre takes the back with one hook. Cyborg looks like he’s been hanging with Lister as he stays cool under Galvao’s relentless attacks. They roll but Andre keeps the back regardless of being on his back or Cybrog’s turtle. Galvao working a seatbelt grip and alternates grips to a forearm across the chin. Cyborg gets to all fours and Galvao keeps the seat belt grip but gets his legs off to one side, surely aware of Cyborg’s inversion skills. Galvao all over Abreu but it should be noted this is the non-point time. Still a scary thing to have Galvao on your back for this long.

Score is 0-0 as Andre continues to pressure the back of Cyborg’s turtle with both hooks in. Cyborg talking to his corner, possibly asking what episode number the OpenMatRadio Andre Galvao was (it’s here for the answer), Cyborg works his side to the mat to prevent a single arm choke from Galvao who keeps the back. Cyborg shakes Galvao free and starts to mount a more offensive style. Galvao looking for a path around the giant legs of Cyborg. Cyborg forced to turtle and we’re back to Galvao with one hook before rolling and getting the second hook. As we are in points we see Galvao get his 3 points and switch to a body triangle. Andre switches between traditional hooks and figure four. Cyborg looks composed but time is running and he’s down by 6 as Galvao earns another 3 for the back. Cyborg scrambles and ends up on the top of Galvao. He’s down by 6 which is a lot in ADCC. Will he look to score or go all out on a submission? Galvao playing from the bottom makes good use of stiff arming and framing against the larger Cyborg and eventually gets to his feet.
Galvao hit with a stalling warning.

Cyborg get’s his leg snatched by Galvao and is put on his butt. He pops back up and no points are awarded as there was no 3 seconds of control. Andre grabs another single leg but can’t finish this one. Cyborg can’t seem to get anything mounted in terms of an offense. Galvao bouncing on his toes as Cyborg lumbers forward. Cyborg bends at the waist and lurches forward for a weak takedown attempt. Time runs out and Galvao. The Atos champ wins again. We will see him face the winner of Joao Gabriel Rocha and Claudio Calasans in the 2017 Superfight.
ADCC 2015 Absolute Finals
Joao Gabriel Rocha vs Claudio Calasans
Both men exchange Tito Ortiz jumps. Calasans goes for an Uchimata and they land out of bounds with Joao in Claudio’s guard. They’re reset in the center. Calasans playing closed guard. Calasans always looking to attack wristlocks. Rocha aware and playing smart if not a bit passive in the guard of the judoka. Calasans gets an overhook which gets lost. Both men are warned for passivity. Calasans constantly looking to trap the arms of Rocha, Rocha not letting his arms get trapped. Rocha using a Lloyd Irvin Grip on the neck of Calasans to keep Calasans from coming up. The wristlock attempts are fast and if you’re unfamiliar with that game you may miss them. Rocha’s awareness is good as he defends. Both men again warned for stalling. They bump fists and continue the same game they were playing. Calasans content to play closed and Rocha content not to stand. We can see the bandaged and braced leg of Buchecha in the background. How different a tournament would it have been with him, JT, Miyao and Bernardo all dealing with injuries.

We get back to our feet where the smaller judoka clinches with the big man. Rocha apparently was given a negative and not just a warning. The ref steps in to warn Calasans but does not take a point. So now Rocha is down a negative with a 0-0 score. Joao pointing to the scoreboard as he breaks away from the grips of the Atos star. An eye poke has the fighters pause and ref do nothing. Rocha makes sure Calasans is ok and they go back to wrestling. Rocha gets a front headlock but can’t get Calasans down.

Ref restarts the match in the center and a negative is given to Calasans. We are now eve 0-0 with each man holding a negative. Rocha shoving Calasans with some spirited sportsmanship as they go off the mat. They shake hands at the restart in the center. College wrestlers must be signing up for ADCC ‘17 in mass numbers as many of the matches end up being wrestling matches. Calasans attempts a throw but doesn’t follow through. More of the same grip fighting. They engage and then release only to tie up again. Rocha shoots but almost gets his head trapped. Reset to the center again. They slap hands and start back to wrestling. The chants begin which usually means time is ticking down. Rocha tries for a front headlock, near throw for Calasans, both men still scoreless. Calasans shoots a single that Rocha sprawls and they are back to standing. Weak foot sweep attempt from Claudio. Rocha controlling the center of the mat as Calasans circles him. Ref stops the action and they both get stalling calls.

Neither are really stalling they’re just unable to mount any offense on the other. Rocha gets the crowd pumped up waving their cheers on. Calasans has had his spinach and is hanging strong against Rocha. Rodolfo and Buchecha seen in the back sharing something on a phone, most likely this play-by-play or perhaps their favorite episode of OpenMatRadio or We’re back to the finalists who are still standing in the center. Rocha occasionally hunting for a guillotine on the shorter Calasans. Calasans fully aware and defends every attempt. You can see the Judoka in Calasans as his hips move in an almost precognitive way. Calasans dives on a single leg but can’t get it, pushes the big man off the mat. They smile at one another and come back to the center. More wrestling the best of which is a single that Rocha sprawls and attempts to spin around but Calasans is already gone by the time Joao makes it there. Another shot by the man from Atos is met the same way as the last one. Rocha trying to attack off Calasans’ shots. Joao a little closer with the guillotine attempt, this time turning the chin of Calasans but nothing more. $40k and a shot at Galvao in 2017 is on the line here. Another repeat of before with Calasans shooting in on the guillotine shooting Rocha, this time Rocha gets a front headlock for a second. Time ends and the ref heads to the table.

We head to overtime #2 while you head to our video archive !
At this point Eddie Bravo and Geo must be in the ears of ADCC staff asking them to review the negative guard pull rule. We’re still standing as both men are 0-0 with 2 stalling calls a piece. We get a pause for an eye poke from Calasans to Rocha. Calasans jumps for a guillotine. Comes down with a cut on the chin I believe. Calasans shoots right off the restart but Rocha defends. Joao gets a penalty so Calasans is winning by being less behind. Medic comes to the mat to check out Calasans. That or maybe Claudio just wants to get closer to that medic. We restart this standing battle yet again. Joao now pushing the pace. Some fun facts as we get to the end of this match: Rocha regularly trains with Abraham Marte. Calasans’ father is a well known judoka. Rocha gets to the back as they go off the mats. Rocha gets the restart on Calasans back. Calasans defends well as they get to the edge of the mat. Calasans ends up on top and they’re reset again in the center. The crowd is stoked as the match hits the mat. STILL NO SCORE! Calasans goes to pass the half of Rocha and time runs out. Meet your new Absolute Champion who meets his teammate in the 2017 SuperFight Claudio Calasans! What will he spend his $40k on?

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