Excuses are like Dirty Gis. Everyone Has One and they ALL Stink!

Excuses Are Like Dirty Gis. Everyone Has One and They All Stink.
by Matt of Double Gold BJJ

“I don’t want to make excuses, but…”

“The ref didn’t give me an advantage.”

“The ref didn’t give me my points.”

“My opponent was Brazilian.”

“My opponent trains with ______.”

“My opponent has three stripes on his belt.”

“The ref was from the same team as my opponent.”

“I was winning but then he got lucky.”

“I was sick.”

“My weight cut was hard.”

“I was on my period.”




After every tournament, from the Mundials down to the local in-house tournament these kind of excuses can be heard. The first I remember hearing these sort of excuses were while watching Pride FC when I first started training. It seemed that everyone time a Brazilian would lose, you’d hear the old “I don’t want to make excuses, but…” I’ve heard the same thing at local tournaments. From friends, students, people I don’t even know, hell… I’ve probably even done it.

It’s ok to lose. If you go out there and give it your all, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone loses. I’m not one of those guys that think every kid deserves a medal or golden star for giving it their best effort. But every man, woman, and child deserves credit for giving it a shot. Win or lose. Getting out there and going for it is what counts.

So why do people need to make these excuses? Is it to protect their ego? Is it to try to impress their friends? I don’t know. But stop it! You’re making yourself look like an asshole.

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