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OPEN MAT RADIO: What inspires your designs/style?
SCRAMBLE: We get inspired by everything we see daily, but our roots are in the 4 years I (Matt) spent living in Japan. Japanese calligraphy, the fighting spirit of that country, minimalism, tattoo culture, Japanese history, as well as more modern influences including typographers and artists we see on the web, Instagram, places like that.

OPEN MAT RADIO: Why did you get started?
SCRAMBLE: We started when I (Scramble Matt) returned from Japan and was unable to get the job I felt I deserved. I ended up taking a crummy job to pay the bills, while using every spare minute to build up my own brand. We started with t-shirts then progressed to hoodies and then broke out of the mould with our first batch of spats, and haven’t looked back!

OPEN MAT RADIO: What is unique about your brand? Why should grapplers want to wear your gear/support your brand?
SCRAMBLE: I think one of the main things, products aside, is our customer service. We’re a growing company but we still give small-business levels of service. If any of our customers ever have a problem with one of our products (don’t believe the hype – every brand has problems!) we do our utmost to make it up to them. With the amount of customers we have now it might take us a little longer to respond to emails but we always look after our customers in the end.

The other main reason we think people should get involved with Scramble is that we’re trying to bring a really high standard of design and quality to products for martial arts fans. We try to push our boundaries with each release, and learn from past releases. We’re learning every day – about materials, print methods, ways of finishing, details, everything. We started off with zero knowledge but have built up a lot in the years since we started.

Your Team

OPEN MAT RADIO: Who do you sponsor? Any BJJ/MMA fighters or events? Are you looking for more people to sponsor? If so, what are you looking for?
SCRAMBLE: We sponsor a wide range of people, male and female, from blue belt to black belt to professional MMA fighters. Notable names – Oli Geddes, who has been with us since the start (at purple belt) and is now a black belt under Roger Gracie. Daisuke Nakamura, reigning all-Japan black belt BJJ champ is also a Scrambler. We’ve made two signature shirts for Darren Uyenoyama, who fights in the UFC, and in terms of women we support Danielle West, Rosi Sexton, Hannah Gorman and Rikako Yuasa in Japan. We don’t really sponsor events but we’re looking at holding our own submission only contest this year (“The Finishers”).

We get dozens of sponsorship requests every week so we’re kind of having to just say no to everyone at the moment, and we’re more seeing who we can start supporting at the higher levels of the sport.

The SCR Brand Strong Spirit Shirt (Click on the photo for more information)

OPEN MAT RADIO: What special features/design elements should we note? What material is it made of?
SCRAMBLE: This is our most ambitious shirt to date. SCR Brand is a premium quality line produced by Scramble. The shirt is a midweight soft cotton that has had a special wash applied to create a vintage effect and also soften the print up so that it’s almost like it’s not there. When you run your hand over the print you can’t feel a thing.

The artwork is a mixture of our own typography, a koi fish drawn by a Japanese tattoo artist (Horiogu), and a kanji drawn for us by a calligrapher from Kyushu in Japan. It also features a herringbone cotton external hem label.

OPEN MAT RADIO: Where can people purchase your gear?
SCRAMBLE: From, soon to be launching for US customers. You can also check your local stockist or preferred online store (Budovideos, MMA Outlet, MAS, etc.)

OPEN MAT RADIO: What’s coming next from your brand?
SCRAMBLE: We’re working on the Athlete gi (great preview by Gi Reviews – as well as trying to get a gi manufactured in Japan.

We’re also always working on expanding our casual wear – new hoodies, maybe even a jacket… We’re always expanding the range and filling gaps we see in the market! And basically making the most badass martial-arts inspired gear on the planet.

Check us out on facebook where we do most of our interaction!

Thanks for the support Open Mat Radio!

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